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This website is temporarily inactive due to redevelopment. During this transition you are unable to send emails through this site. However, you can still contact us at the-mutts-nutz@hotmail.com. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Welcome to themuttsnutz.com.  We cater for all domestic pets where we have the largest range of treats, toys, beds and accessories


We specialise in natural foods and can offer you our own brand of hypoallergenic dog and cat food at an attractive price


We stock a large range of foods for dogs and cats including, Burns Pet Nutrition which we import from the UK, Royal Canin, Hill´s Science Plan, Eukanuba and, of course, our very own Duncan´s Highland Grange


The Mutts Nutz has been established in Moraira since 2006

About The Mutts Nutz

Importers Distributors &
Stockist of Burns Pet Nutrition

We Offer the Lowest Prices for Scalibor® Collars

Doggy Treats
Tinned Cat Food
Sack of Duncan’s 
     Salmon & Potato
New Scalibor collar 
      for Timmy
New bowls!
Puppy food too!